Lingerie is in a completely different category than underwear in the world of sex. Underwear is utilitarian, functional and boring. Lingerie makes the person looking at it feel a range of emotions far beyond what a simple little wisp of lace and silk should do.

Just like fashion throughout the ages, lingerie has changed and adapted to what is considered stylish. But some items of lingerie are considered such classics with timeless sexual desirability that it would be a foolish lingerie manufacturer who would dare leave them off their catalogue! 


Coming in every imaginable colour and pattern, stockings are the sexier, naughtier sister to pantihose and tights. Can you visualise a pert French maid’s uniform without them?

Stockings are, in fact, much healthier for the lower regions to wear. It has never been good for the privates to be completely covered in the tight nylon chastity belt offered by tights and pantihose, as it makes that part of the body sweat and chafe. This is one of the leading causes of infection and odour.

Stockings are ideal to cover blemishes and scars on the legs, hide cellulite and shape the legs into gorgeous contours. If the stockings are pulled up until the band touches the bottom crease, the stocking can then act as a lift and thrust mechanism to frame the derriere, make the legs appear longer and push out the butt profile.

All very good reasons to buy stockings.

Garter Belt

The companion piece to stockings is the garter belt or any other lingerie item that holds stockings up.

Those two little lust-inducing ribbons, in front and behind, are what frame the entire area when they are attached to the stockings. The eyes are drawn irresistibly to the centre point where the stockings end, right between the garter belt clasps. This is the reason why the garter belt has been a salacious item of lingerie for thousands of years.

They come in many different types from broad, dominatrix-inspired black rubber to sweet and sexy hipster garter belts that go with baby doll dresses. No matter which type of garter belt tickles your fancy, it is reassuring to know that they are readily available from high street department stores to your friendly, neighbourhood sex shop.

The Teddy

The Teddy has been one of the most requested items by men buying lingerie for their partners on Valentine’s Day. This is because it is the classiest, entry-level lingerie item that is the go-to piece for anyone who wants to be hot and come-hither in one easy move.

They come in a huge variety of colours and design. What makes the Teddy such a classic is because it is quick and easy to put on and completely change the mood from “Not” to “Hot”.

It is the lingerie item most likely to have the best staying power – every woman from every walk of life is bound to have one in her secret, naughty lingerie drawer.

 The Bra

Bras are more than just daily devices used to keep breasts under control. They become beautiful baskets of sexiness when made as a lingerie item. The straps can be satin bands that point the way to the nipple and the transparent coverings of the cup can transport the viewer to another sexual dimension.

They can push the breast up or pinch it into a peak of perfection. The nipples can be covered up for a later surprise or they can be lightly revealed to tantalise and tease. Bras are the best lingerie item for anyone wanting to be secretly sexy underneath normal clothes. Very yummy.

The Chemise

The Chemise is like a Teddy but a dress. It can have cute little garter belts attached to the end to hold up stockings or simply fall to the crotch in a sweet baby doll style. It can have a control panel inserted down the front to act as a corset or even have boning around the bust line to support big, bountiful breasts.

The versatility of this lingerie item makes it the most popular choice for woman when buying an item for themselves. The most popular colours are white and black but pink and red are also very strong sellers. By swapping the boring petticoat with an alluring chemise, it can change the way a person thinks about themselves sexually. It gives the wearer a sense of being able to have good-looking sex at any time by having a chemise on.