The Basics

For everyone who wants to enjoy anal sex, there is a steep learning curve attached to it. It may be difficult, depending on the couple to achieve full completion without some kind of extra assistance. That is what the Anal Fantasy Ass-gasm Cockring Plug. This toy works double time, however, and works are both a performance enhancing cockring, as well as a prostate stimulator. You and your partner can receive the benefits of using this toy. The cockring will allow you to stay harder, longer, while the butt plug enhances your sensations and takes your orgasm to the next level.


The biggest plus to using this product is that it doubles as both a butt plug and as a prostate stimulator. This gives you double the pleasure, while at the same time heightening the experience for your partner as well. You can stay harder, longer, while feeling extraordinary pleasure all at the same time.

The silicone material is safe to wear, and won’t leave any annoying rashes. It is safe to clean with most toy cleaner, and is safe to use with most lubes.

The silicone also makes it very easy to stretch onto your cock, while at the same time constricting blood flow to your cock enough to make a lasting effect during sex.

The butt plug is specifically designed to ensure that while you are wearing it, it will remain inside of you, giving you immense pleasure while you pleasure your partner.


Most of the customers who have reviewed this product love it, and enjoy it. However, some customers have expressed anger that the cock ring does not stay attached to the butt plug for very long during normal sex. The connecting part between these two parts has easily broken for some customers. However, this is a marginal few.

Some users have also desired for a larger butt plug with this product. However, this is largely a matter of preference. The butt plug is designed to enhance the sensations experienced during sex, rather than provide all sensations.


For those who are looking to take their anal sex to the next level, the Anal Fantasy Ass-gasm Cockring Plug is the best option for you. It stimulates both your prostate as well as heightens the level of your erection, making the orgasms which you get when using this product absolutely explosive. No matter if you want to use this product by yourself, or with any partner, this will take sex for both of you to the next level.