Anal Lube Original Formula


For those who are looking for the best anal lubes, a tried and tested brand is Anal Lube Original Formula. When trying to have sex anally, you cannot use just any lube. It has to be more easily glideable, and long lasting than lube that you would use for vaginal sex or masturbation. This brand is known for their long lasting lubrication for anal sex, and can also be used for other sex. This lube uses a water based formula, which makes it safe for most toys. It comes in a clear color, and only costs $14.60.

Anal Lube Cherry Scented


The same brand who brought Anal Lube Original formula, also makes Anal Lube Cherry Scented. It uses the same long lasting, and highly lubricated formula as the original formula, but uses a cherry scent to add some spice to your sex. It is also water based, which makes it safe to use with most toys. Despite being cherry scented, it still maintains a clear appearance. It is the most popular scented flavor in the Anal Lube brand’s products. Just like the original forumula, the cherry scented lube costs $14.60.

Doc Johnson Anal Lube Natural


Many people may be familiar with Doc Johnson’s older formula, but many do not know that the famous brand has updated their anal lube formula. The new Doc Johnson Anal Lube is meant to be the most effective anal lube on the market. With the new formula, Doc Johnson uses an airless pumping system, so that no lube is wasted. You can get every drop out of the container, making it the most effective for your money. It is also clear, and safe for use with most toys. It costs $24.90.


Moist Anal Lube Insertz

For those who are thinking of trying anal for the first time, or for those who want a good travel size anal lube, Moist Anal Lube Insertz can be the perfect option. The benefits of using this lube, is that it is no mess. You can easily insert the tip, squeeze out the lube, pull out the insert, and enjoy your sex. It does not have to get all over your hands, or all over your partner. It can also be used for vaginal sex, making it very versatile. It is also resalable, so that you do not have to use the entire container at once. You can get each Insertz for $1.80.


Adam and Eve Forbidden Anal Lube

The final anal lube discussed is Adam and Eve’s Forbidden Anal Lube. It is odorless, so that the smell of the lube cannot distract you while you are with your intimate partner. It also works to desensitize the area, which for those who are new to anal sex will be good news. The formula is water based, so that you can use it with condoms and toys safely. It does not maintain a sticky or tacky residue, making it much easier to clean up. It costs $9.90.