Ouch Electro Pads



ElectroStimulation has become one of the latest fetish crazes, and the Ouch Electro Pads are a perfect example of why people are so interested in them. It is one of the better electrostimulation products for beginners to try, in order to see if they enjoy them and if it works for them. Included in this pack is 4 self-adhesive pads that provide the electric stimulation, as well as a remote control which you or your partner can control. The set has 8 different modes, with a variety of 10 intensity setting, and 10 different speed settings. You can begin slowly, and then work your way up to something more intensive as you get more comfortable with it.

ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Conductive Gel


You cannot have the electric stimulation products without the use of a gel to help conduct the electricity safely and effectively. The most popular gel used is the ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Conductive Gel. It has been specially designed to be used with external electrodes, cock rings, pinwheels, clamps, and most electric stimulation sex toys. All you have to do is apply the gel to the metal contacts on the sex toys you use.


ElectraStim Urethra Probe

For the men who are looking for a more interesting estim sex toy, the ElectraStim Urethra Probe can be a challenging and exciting new choice. With this toy, you add some lube onto the probe, and then slowly and gently slide it into the man’s penis. Once inside, you can turn it on for a unique and pleasurable sexual stimulation throughout your penis. You, or your partner, can bring you to one of the most powerful orgasms without getting hands on. It can be easily used with other sex toys, including other estim sex toys, to heighten the already thrilling experience.

ElectraStim Wave Electro Dildo


Women need their part of the fun as well, and the ElectraStim Wave Electro Dildo is the perfect toy for that fun. It is made out of military grade aluminum, so that it is comfortable for you to use, works well with the electric stimulation, and is safe for use with your body. It has built in ribbing along the shaft, to aid in the conduction of the electricity as well as provide extra texture for your pleasure. You can add extra electrostimulation through additional power boxes, if you find that you need additional power.

ElectraStim Midi Classic Electro Butt Plug

Nobody wants to feel unsatisfied, and the ElectraStim Midi Classic Electro Butt Plug is specifically designed to satisfy and fill you. It has been designed to make you feel full, without overstretching you. It is perfect for those who are not ready for the larger butt plugs, especially when this is your first time experimenting with anal electrostimulation. It has a 5 inch girth that is sure to leave anyone satisfied. The electrostimulation can be used alone, or in conjunction with other estim toys. It is the best anal electrostimulator on the market .