We Vibe 4 PLUS Vibrator

The most popular couples vibrator in the entire WORLD is the We Vibe 4 PLUS Vibrator. You can use the We Vibe together with your partner during sex, or as teasing foreplay that can get you both in the mood. For those who want to tease their women, the We Vibe app lets you control the strength and pattern of vibration while she wears the We Vibe. During sex, you can turn the We Vibe on, and the powerful vibration will heighten and add to all of the sensations felt by both you and your partner.

Neon Vibrating Cock Ring

Many people are unaware that cock rings are not simply for the pleasure of the man, but can have thrilling sensations for the woman as well. With the Neon Vibrating Cock Ring, both you and your partner can add new and unique sensations to your sexual experiences. All you have to do is place the ring around your man’s penis, and turn on the vibrating mini bullet on the bottom. The man will feel the vibrations throughout his penis, and the woman will feel it with every thrust he makes.

Ovo B11 Silicone Cock Ring

Similar to the Neon Vibrating Cock Ring, the Ovo B11 Silicone Cock Ring is built to thrill not only the man but your partner as well. The Ovo B11 is a ring that is placed around the penis of the man, but is designed so that it does not interfere with any penetration. It helps keep the an harder, longer, while at the same time pleasing the woman with the mini bullet vibrator that is built into the ring. The batteries do not need to be replaced often, but that does impede on the power of the vibrator.

Bodywand Multifunction Massager

Since we included some cock rings, it is only fair that we share the vibrators that have the perfect uses for both solo and partner use, the most popular one being the Bodywand Multifunction Massager. It is a corded massager, however, this only makes it more powerful, delivering a stronger, more concentrated vibrating pleasure to your most intimate spots. The head of the massager is made out of silicone, so that it feels good against your skin. You can use this massager during foreplay, to bring someone to completion, or anything else that your sexy imagination can come up with.

Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Prostate Massager

The Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager is the perfect massager and exploration tool for couples who want to add some spice to their sex life. The primary use for this prostate massager is to reach all the way around a man’s body from front to back, adding vibrating pleasure through his penis and into his prostate, giving him an even deeper pleasure. You can also use this on women as you would a normal vibrator. You can use this product in and out of the water, which only adds to the pleasure.