This is a market where it is easy to say that the average customer is spoilt for choice. There is a huge range of sex dolls available from many different outlets in a wide variety of choice, style, material, appearance, and quality. You want a sex doll? Then read on for all the gen on how to choose the perfect one for your taste and delectation.

The Choices
Blow-Up Sex Dolls: The bachelor party/frat house staple, blow-up sex dolls have a rich history of being able to fly under the radar of prudish outrage; probably because they honestly don’t look as though they could be much use other than as a flotation device.
This one is for you if you are pressed for storage space or are traveling. The foldable PVC dolls are available in different skin and hair colours, but that’s about all the variety the appearance of these dolls offers. They have three orifices and are produced at a length of about four foot/1,2 metres.
Pros: Most inexpensive option.
Cons: The utilitarian appearance of these type of dolls does not lend itself well to pseudo-companionship and are a straight forward masturbatory aid; big lungs or air pump needed for inflation; highly perishable.

Stuffed or Cloth Sex Dolls: These dolls are manufactured with the emphasis firmly on the “doll”. At first glance, an innocent bystander will definitely look at one and say “doll”, not “sex toy”. They come in a wide range of styles from four foot/1,2 metre length dolls that resemble those Russian women who have plastic surgery to look like Barbie to ones that bring to mind the poster for the movie “Annabelle”.
Their anime-type facial features do not pretend to aspire to realism and they have slits so you can customise them for the vagina insert of your choosing.
Pros: Perfect for any customer who has a plushie fetish; light, compact, and easy-ish to store.
Cons: Most are not sold with skeletons, so they are not posable.

Silicone Sex Dolls: If some people had the choice between a frigid partner or one of these, they would go with the silicone sex doll because they are more fun. They come in an incredible range; any size, skin colour, hair length and colour, nationality, primary and secondary sexual characteristic shape, face, and the choice between male or female. The companies that produce these sex dolls welcome any request, so an intersex doll could be ordered, if that is something the customer wanted to try on for size.
The skin-like texture and posing abilities, from the internal metal skeleton, make them more than sexual; they are down-right huggable! The dolls come with removable faces so the possibilities to upgrade its variety in that way is possible too.
If silicone is still too doll-like for the customer, TPE-grade sex dolls can be ordered. It looks similar to silicone but is lighter and has a very realistic feel. The softness of TPE gives the customer the feeling that the doll is molding to an embrace.
Pros: These dolls lend themselves to changes of expression with the removable face feature; can be posed in a variety of ways; new models are being manufactured that have interactive capabilities like speech and mouth movement.
Cons: TPE models can stain easily so are better off dressed in white; quite a mission to prep for sex – the skin must be powdered, it must be warmed with an electric blanket, and lubricated against chafing; expensive - these toys are the platinum card of sex dolls; storage can be a problem.

Owning a sex doll is almost a rite of passage for any red-blooded sexually active person. The choices that are available expand every week, so it is a good idea to keep one eye on the market to see where the technology will go next. Buying one online makes the adventure as discreet as using a dating site – but with a better chance of being completely happy with the outcome!