Need a Little Something Extra?

Men always feel a little insecure about their size when they go to sleep with a woman, especially if they have never had sex with them before. It is a natural part of being a man. However, sometimes that insecurity can lead us to look for something that can help you add some length to your penis. One of the best ways that you can accomplish that goal is with a penis pump. However, many people do not have accurate knowledge to use a penis pump.

What a Penis Pump Does

A penis pump works by creating a vacuum around your penis, which then draws blood to your penis. An erection is of course caused by the rush of blood to the penis, making it hard. What the penis pump does is add more blood flow to the penis, and enlarging it to its maximum capacity.

Every man’s penis is built to be elastic. Elasticity is what allows the penis to grow beyond your normal length. The tissues in your penis can be elastic and flexible, growing when you need them to, and going back to their normal size later.

Long Term Solution?

When men hear that they can get a penis pump to grow their penis, and add several inches to their length, they will inevitably ask if the results are permanent. Unfortunately, there are essentially no cases where the use of penis pumps, even prolonged use, has no permanent effects.

A penis pump will give you short term, temporary results. After using it, the growth will go back to your normal size after several hours. Those who have used penis pumps religiously for years have testified that it is almost impossible to permanently grow your penis larger.

Schedule Your Uses

If you have never used penis pumps before, you are going to want to pace yourself with its use. It is not good for your penis to get pumped every day. You should try it out with two times a week, for ten minutes each time. For week two, you can increase to two times a week for fifteen minutes. Every two weeks, you can increase the number of days that you pump, until you get to the point you feel comfortable with.

In order to safely use penis pumps, you should follow your schedule for at least two months.

Best Penis Pumps

One of the most popular penis pumps is the Precision Penis Pump with Erection Enhancer. It is one of the best pumps for beginners, as it is easy to read and easy to use.

For those who are more experienced with penis pumps, the Pump Worx Euro Pump works great, is long lasting, and easy to use.

Our last recommendation is the Penis Enlarger Pneumatic, which is one of the most commonly used penis pumps for adult film stars all over the world. If you want to impress your lady, this is the penis pump for you.