The Basics

Many people are aware of the mind and body rocking Lelo Tiani couples vibrator and massager. This product, the Lelo Tiani 2, is the new and improved version of that favorite of couples. It has won numerous awards, and has been a best seller since it came out. It is designed to be worn by women during sex, and has both solo and partner play uses. You can use this as foreplay, or during the main event itself.

Lelo uses an innovative, unique, and creative SenseMotion technology, which is a new method of controlling the sensations of the vibrator. The remote control can be used by you, or you can give the control to your partner. The faster that you or your partner move the remote control, the more intense that the vibrations become. Various buttons and gestures from the remote control change the vibration patterns.


lelo-tiani-2-reviewOne of the best advantages to using this vibrator is that the remote control and the vibrator itself have wireless capabilities up to 118 feet. This is perfect for couples play, as one person can wear the vibrator and the other person can use the remote from up to 118 feet away. This can heighten the pleasure, and keep things interesting.

The SenseMotion technology is an intuitive method of giving you control over your vibrator without having to clumsily press buttons during intimate moments. During the natural progression of sex or solo play, the speed and direction of movement of your body will tell the remote control what to do and how to do it with vibrator.

The second model of the Lelo Tiani has a more powerful vibrator, one that is more than 50% more powerful than previous models. This allows for a more intense vibration, and a more intense climax.

Nobody wants to be restricted when they are becoming intimate with themselves or someone else. That is why the Lelo Tiani 2 is waterproof, and can be used in the bath, showers, pools, and any other water you want to be intimate in.


There are a vast majority of positive reviews of this item, but there are also several negative reviews as well. Some customers have found that the item does not stay in place when walking around. The Lelo Tiani is also meant to be worn during the day, with the unit staying inside of the wearer. For some people, the vibrator does not remain in place. However, this may be a subjective problem, unique to each user.



For anyone looking for a way to spice up their sex life, the Lelo Tiani 2 is the best vibrator possible. Whether you want to use it by yourself, tease your partner, or use it during sex. It has as many uses as your imagination can come up with. It has a powerful motor, WIFI capabilities, and intuitive remote control. It is a must have for any couple looking for something new and exciting.