Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Gift Box

Bullet vibrators can be one of the most sensual toys that a couple can have, and are certainly a must have for any one for solo play. The Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Gift Box provides users with three different bullet vibrators. The first is a traditional bullet vibrator that is bound to give you the most thrilling and strong vibrations you have felt from a bullet vibrator. The second is a G-Spot stimulating bullet vibrator, with a specially designed curved head that will hit your G-Spot every time. The final vibrator is the Big Bang Bullet, which is perfect for on the go traveling.

Mood Powerful Waterproof Bullet

For anyone who wants a more playful and practical bullet vibrator, the Mood Powerful Waterproof Bullet is the perfect one for you. The sexy, psychedelic artwork can help you get in the mood, in addition to the 7 different strong vibration patterns. Its whisper quiet, so no matter where you use it, nobody will hear it. The small size still packs a very powerful punch, helping you and your partner achieve completion and orgasm in no time. It is phthalate free, which is safest for your body.

O Glow Bullets


The O Glow Bullets are perfect for those who want some glow in the dark fun. They are very small, which makes them easy to take with you wherever you go. However, each of these bullets pack a powerful punch with their strong motors. In this situation, size does not matter. The LED lights inside the vibrators some extra fun. To make these bullet vibrators even more exciting, they are waterproof, so you can take them in the shower, bath, pool, hot tub, or any other wet location for your sexy encounter.

White Nights Pleasure Kit

Another excellent bullet vibrator kit is the White Nights Pleasure Kit, which comes with 3 different vibrators for your use, as well as massage oil to be used with the vibrators. The first vibrator is a 7 inch bullet vibrator, for reaching deep within you or your partner. The second vibrator is remote controlled, which gives your partner full power over the level of pleasure you receive. Finally, the pocket rocket is meant to give you easy, fast, and portable pleasure no matter where you are at. Both the vibrator and the remote controlled vibrator have multiple speeds with which to pleasure your intimate spots. All of these products are waterproof, which gives you further ideas for sensual fun.

WOW! Wonder Wabbit

The WOW! Wonder Wabbit bullet vibrator combines the best of both a bullet vibrator and a rabbit vibrator. As a bullet vibrator, it is small enough to be easily transported, yet have a deceptively strong motor to power its vibrations. As a rabbit vibrator, it has two movable, flexible ears that fit along your clit in order to bring you the most amazing experience that you have ever experienced. It is rechargeable as well as waterproof, making it a powerful and practical bullet vibrator.