If you switch on the TV or watch a movie, you’re likely to be met with some type of sexual reference but it’s usually in relation to the sex life of people in their 20s and 30s. Sex scenes involving anyone over the age of 50 are rare and it’s as though it is insinuating that once you pass that age that your sex life fails to exist. Thankfully, this is far from the truth simply because sex does not age discriminate!

While people do experience physical and physiological changes as they grow older, the sex lives of the over 50s can be immensely satisfying as long as they focus on a positive attitude towards it and not allow their sex lives to languish. The key thing to remember is that if you experience some physical or physiological change as you grow older, seek help because for most of these concerns, they are common and there are fantastic medical solutions available.

Some people find that as they proceed to these older years, they have a greater focus and appetite for sex perhaps due to lessening pressures at work or the fact they no longer have to be concerned with baby making. This can result in couples reconnecting in the bedroom and even trying out new things.

The advent of so many high quality sex toys to the market, all of which are widely available online means that new aspects to a couple’s sex life is easily achieved. Adding in something as simple as a sex gel (also known as lubricant or “lube”) can make things a lot more comfortable and with the likes of tingle and warming lube available too, things can get really exciting! 

For those not in a relationship but who wish to have some self love sessions, a toy such as a prostate massager is a wonderful way to experience stimulation of that prostate area known as the P-Spot. Not only will stimulation of this P-Spot deliver sensational feeling and climaxes, it’s also known to be a proven health benefit for a healthier prostate so it’s a win-win! For women, clitoral stimulators such as the Satisfyer Pro2 will deliver intense climax in a quick time and is wonderfully enjoyable.