Sex Magic Cube

For any couple, there may be times when the sex gets a little…well…boring. This might just be for those who have been together for a long time, or for inexperienced partners. But that does not have to be the end of your sex life. With the Sex Magic Cube, you can combine the fun of a game with the thrill of sex. You can choose from either a foreplay activity, or a sex position, and the cube will tell you what you should try. There are more than 44 different positions and activities to complete with your partner, keeping you busy for a long time.

Let’s F*ck Dice Game

For those who want something much less conspicuous, but not any less fun, the Let’s F*ck Dice Game is perfect. It has a very simple rule system, that is easy to follow for any players. Easy does not mean boring however, as you are almost guaranteed one of the best sexual experiences. Each player gets a set of dice that they get to roll. Each player must perform the act that they rolled on the body part that their partner has rolled. The silver die is used to decide the winning sex position after a partner has rolled a winning roll. No matter what kind of lover you have, this game is fun and sexy.

 Let’s F*ck Coupons

While the Let’s F*ck Coupons are not necessarily a game per se, they are definitely tons of fun for both you and your partner. This pack comes with 20 different coupons that you and your partner can give to each other. Each coupon has a different, sexy, orgasm driven sex act that you promise that you will perform on your partner. You can fill out the coupon to include dates and times, as well as any special rules you want to give your partner.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition First Time Fantasy Kit

The Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition First Time Fantasy Kit is the perfect all-inclusive game kit for anyone new to bondage sex. In this collection, you receive not only game cubes that you roll to determine what sex act you both will complete, but also a feather tickler, rope cat o’ nine tails, blindfold, and ball gag. All of these items are included in the incredible sex acts on the game dice, and are sure to send anyone to full climax.

BJ Blast Pack

For all of the men reading this, blow jobs are one of the best sexual experiences you can have. They feel amazing, and can lead to sex, or be a complete act in and of themselves. For women, it can be less than thrilling to give a blow job. However, the BJ Blast pack can change that. When you put some in your mouth, it will add flavor when you go down on someone, man or woman, and add extra sensations to the receiver of the blow job. This pack comes with green apple, cherry, and strawberry flavored packs.