Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginners Butt Plug

No matter if you are new to anal play or are a seasoned lover of everything anal, the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginners Butt Plug is a must have from the Fetish Fantasy brand. It is made out of a soft and comfortable jelly material, but is also phthalate-free, which makes it safe for your body. It is big enough to be felt inside of you, but will not hurt new users. It is safe to put in, and safe to remove, no matter how long you decide to wear this fun toy.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teasers

In addition to using the beginners butt plug the Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teasers are perfect to help spice up your sex life, and add new and interesting sensations to your experience. It allows for hands free nipple play, adding new sensations during sex, or teasing your partner as you withhold what they most desire. The whisper quiet motor ensures that you have no distractions, or at least unwanted distractions, while you enjoy yourself and your partner. It is made out of silicone, so it is safe and comfortable for use.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope

 For those who want to try some kind of bondage play, but are not sure where to start with, the Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope is the best place to start. It uses the art of Japanese-style bondage play, which is a good place for new users. It is soft, and can tie your partner’s hands or feet. It can also be used for anyone who wants to explore Shibari style rope bondage. It can easily adapt to your needs, without committing to more in-depth and complex bondage play. It is 35 feet long, which gives you plenty of possibilities.

Fetish Fantasy Cat O Nine Tails

For those who want to expand on their BDSM repertoire, the Fetish Fantasy Cat O Nine Tails is one of the best products to use. It is made out of real leather, giving both you and your partner a more realistic and invigorating feelings. Both handle and the strands are made out of leather, giving you the power to command your lover, in every way. The mixture of pain and pleasure will send both of your into long lasting, orgasmic bliss. It is easily used with many other toys.

Fetish Fantasy Elite Cock Cage and Ring Set

In following with Fetish Fantasy’s goal of providing BDSM themed pleasure, the Elite Cock Cage and Ring set is sure to thrill every couple. When you want to dominate your man, you want to control his sexual pleasure. The cock cage gives you that power, making him pay for his pleasure with pain. If you decide to let him out of his cage, you can use varying sizes of cock ring to get him to get harder, faster, and longer. It is perfect for those who are more comfortable with BDSM, and want to dominate the men in their lives.