Potent Developer Pump

Sometimes, you need a little extra help to get yourself going. Or maybe you are self-conscious about your size and you want to impress your partner. Either way, the Potent Developer Pump is one of the best options you can choose. It has been scientifically designed to improve both the size and the performance of your penis. All you have to do is place the cylinder over your penis, and use the pump call to create a vacuum within the cylinder, pumping up your penis, giving you confidence in the bedroom.

Pump Worx Pistol-Grip Power Bump

pump-worx-pistol-grip-power-pump-blackEvery man has seen the advertisements for miracle pills, meals, and even surgeries that are supposed to give you the length and girth of your dreams. However, we all know that those are scams just trying to get your money. However, the Pump Worx Pistol Grip Power Pump is the safer, effective alternative to these options. Place your penis in the clear cylinder, and use the pistol grip handle to give you throbbing, thick erections that are sure to pleasure you and your partner all night long. It can easily fit most penis sizes, as well as the growth from the pump.

Shots Toys Bubble Power Pump

Many men also face the problem of staying hard throughout sex. This should not be something to be ashamed of, and men should now that it is something that can be dealt with. The Shots Toys Bubble Power Pump is one of the ways it can be dealt with. By using this product before you have sex, you can get yourself harder, and stay harder longer. You can pleasure your partner with confidence, knowing that you will be able to stay hard as long as it takes to satisfy your lover.

Pump Work Rechargeable 3 Speed Auto-Vac Penis Pump

Shots ToysYou do not have to have any problems or any insecurities in the bedroom to want to use the Pump Work Rechargeable 3 Speed Auto-Vac Penis Pump. It can give you one of the most satisfying and sensitive erections that you have ever felt, leading to one of the most mind-blowing orgasms after. It works the same as all of the other pumps on this list, but without all of the work. You place this product over your penis, choose a vacuum speed out of the three choices, and let the product do all of the work for you.

Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump

bathmate-hydromaxMost of these pumps are designed to be used outside of the shower, but the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump is specifically built to be used within the water. It can be used hands free or with hands, giving you the power to control the angle, power, and speed of the pumping without having to actually pump yourself. Its innovative Swivel Bellows feature gives you added comfort to the base of your shaft as well as your testicles, because pumping does not need to be painful.