There is only one other item of clothing apparel that can challenge lingerie in the sexy department and that is a pair of high heels. Wearing lingerie is a signal to the world that the wearer is ready to have sex. It draws a line under or over the body parts related to sex; it frames the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Why is it okay to wear a miniscule bikini in public but shameful to wear a bra and panties? The mystery of lingerie is what makes it so alluring.


Why We Need Lingerie

When the savannah grasslands invaded the lush jungles millions of years ago, spreading across the African landscape, primates who no longer had trees in which to live had to learn to survive among the tall grass. They stood up and began walking on two legs. This had many advantageous consequences but the one that we are interested in here is the females developed larger breasts as copulation no longer happened from behind.

A female who walked on all fours would develop well rounded buttocks to attract a mate and signal her sexual maturity. Females walking upright in the savannahs could not display such a signal so the female breast tissue developed to mimic the shape and curve of the buttocks to show a readiness for sex.

Evolution has shown us that the males preferred larger breasts, that is why females have breasts today – it is because if this characteristic had not been found appealing, it would have simply died out and not been passed on through the genes.

“But some men prefer women with small, pert breasts” is a statement often heard. This is a completely different branch of attraction as men who desire this trait in women will have small breasts linked in their minds to youthfulness or other sexual developmental issues.

Once breasts became a necessary component to the female fascination, it would only be another 2 million years or so before a method to stop them from jiggling around would become necessary.


The Brassiere

Lingerie comes from the French word for linen. Even then it was realised that soft, breathable fabrics were the most comfortable against the skin. Ancient Egyptian murals show that women differentiated their undergarments from men. 14th century BCE pottery shards show female athletes wearing bra-like tops during racing events.

The corset made its appearance in the middle ages. It cinched in the waist and pushed up the breasts from underneath. In the 19th century individual pockets for each breast were added with straps to support the weight. As fashions changed and females became more active the corset was gradually replaced by the bra completely.

This is because a corset has no function other than to make the waist appear smaller whereas the bra has many functions besides holding the breasts in place.

  • It separates and lifts the breasts so that they individual and not simply a large protrusion
  • It can support big breasts from flopping during exercise
  • It stops the breast folds from sweating
  • It can create a bigger cleavage
  • It can make small breasts appear larger with padding
  • It can flatten big breasts and lift pendulous ones

Besides all of these advantages for the female form and comfort, the bra can also just be a very pretty item of clothing that anyone will feel happy to wear.