Every Man Has Needs

Every man has his needs, and he cannot always fulfill them with someone else. Whether because he is traveling, or it just was not his night with the ladies, every man needs to be able to take care of his needs on his own. Everyone knows that the hand is a man’s best friend in these moments, but it just does not have the same feelings and sensations as a woman. But, what if you could have those same sensations when you are not able to be with a woman? A male masturbator will accomplish this for you.

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is something that a man can place his penis into in order to get themselves off. It essentially follows the same kind of form as using your hand, but much more sophisticated. There are two main types of male masturbators, strokers and anatomic strokers. A stroker is a cylinder that is placed around the penis, typically with a textured inside that gives new sensations to the user when using it. An anatomic stroker follows the same build as a stroker, but is built to look like various parts of a woman’s body.

How to Use a Male Masturbator

There are few men that do not know how to masturbate with their hands. Men learn to masturbate as soon as they begin feeling sexual attraction to people, so they have plenty of practice. Using a male masturbator is essentially the same. It is best to use lube on your penis before using a male masturbator to avoid any painful friction. Place your penis inside of the stroker or anatomic stroker, and stroke. It is just as easy as masturbating, but feels much more realistic and explosive when you finish.

Best Strokers

The Blewit Male Masturbator is one of the most popular male pleasure strokers on the market. It also comes with a small bullet vibrator to use when and where you need the extra sensation.


Another popular stroker is the Tenga 3D Male Masturbator, which comes in three different styles - module, pile, and polygon. These styles have different textures which are meant to deliver different kinds of sensation during use.


For those who want something lighter, smaller, and more discreet, the Fleshjack GO is the male masturbator for you. It is easy for anyone to use, and only requires one hand.


Best Anatomic Strokers

For those who want something that looks more realistic, Vulcan brand has many options available, including mouth, anus, and vagina. Buy your favorite, or all of their many varieties.


Another popular brand for those who enjoy flesh lights that looks like anus’ and vaginas is Fleshlight GO. They use porn star models to model for their flesh lights, making them very popular with porn watchers.


Fresh Brew Masturbators offer two different options for their flesh lights. The options are either a mouth or an anus, both of which are very common for flesh lights.